What is still to come

Last week, Monica and I made a life-changing decision: We accepted Trinity CRCthe call we received from Trinity Christian Reformed Church in Rock Valley, Iowa, for me to become their new worship pastor.  In addition to preaching and working with gifted leaders in crafting worship services, I also get to assist the really cool shepherding and ministry pastors with visiting and teaching.  Pending the successful completion of immigration paperwork, we hope to arrive there this summer.

Such a flood of thoughts and feelings has washed over us through this process!  We are sad about uprooting and saying ‘good bye’ to the church family we love here in Telkwa.  On the other hand, our excitement to see what God has in store for us at Trinity grows steadily as we’re already being blessed by new friendships.  We are thankful to God for 7½ good years of life and work in Telkwa.  We are also humbled and honoured (“honored,” actually!) by the warmth with which we’ve been embraced by the people of Rock Valley.

A meaningful song our family rediscovered as we find ourselves at this crossroads is “Lead Us, Lord” by Brian Doerksen.  We look back and “recall the blessing and the pain” as “we turn our hearts towards what is still to come.”  We invite the people of Telkwa and of Rock Valley to once again say to our loving Lord: “Lead us.”  …No matter where He brings us.

7 thoughts on “What is still to come

  1. Hannah says:

    Congratulations! God’s blessings to your family as you make the transitions to come. Love that song too…indeed, Lead us Lord.


  2. jon.jana.liam.sydney.sawyer says:

    Excited for you!..but know that you will be greatly missed. Glad that your not leaving tomorrow and we will still have a few more months of the Groothof’s in the Bulkley Valley.



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