On the move: Timing

If I had had my way, I would be writing this in Rock Valley, Iowa, instead of in Telkwa, BC.  We had hoped to celebrate my daughter’s birthday this week in the United States.  We had hoped to see our new friends at Trinity CRC this weekend.  We had hoped that I would start my new job at the beginning of August.

If only I had had my way.

Then again…

If I had my way, our van’s transmission would have died somewhere en route, possibly leaving us stranded in an unfamiliar place.  Instead, our van broke down close to home where we could wait for it to be repaired locally.

If I had my way, we would not have been able to spend extra time with Monica’s family this past week.  British Columbia will feel far away when we’re in northwest Iowa, so extra time with family now is something to treasure.

If I had my way, our children would have missed Faith Reformed Church’s Vacation Bible School, a highlight of their summer for the past several years and now this year, too.  They are still talking about the Bible stories and singing the songs they learned.

If I had my way, we would have missed several beautiful days on the beach at Tyhee Lake.  The warm sun and refreshing water were fun gifts to receive and enjoy.

If I had my way, there wouldn’t have been time for one more hike to Twin Falls (one of the twins is pictured below).  It turned out be a memorable day of good exercise and beautiful scenery.

Twin Falls

If I had my way, we would have missed some terrific sunsets behind Hudson Bay Mountain.  Maybe we’ll get a shot at seeing the Northern Lights yet, too.

And if I had my way, I suspect an opportunity to lean hard into God and trust His good timing would have been lost.

I guess I can be glad I don’t always get my way.

5 thoughts on “On the move: Timing

  1. Nancy Dorhout says:

    God is good. Praying for all of you and His timing….especially patience. We are excited for the team God has put together to lead Trinity.
    Nancy Dorhout


  2. Christie Kaldeway says:

    A friend here calls those great things ‘jelly beans’. Jelly beans spread amongst the frustration of waiting for papers, not being able to schedule movers, and the endless goodbyes.
    God places jelly beans everywhere – we just need to look for them and enjoy them 🙂


  3. JO says:

    It is great to focus on the positivies! Praying that everything comes together real soon! We do serve an awesome God. Looking forward to the office across the hall being filled!!


  4. SjG says:

    Thank you Nancy, Christie, and Jo for your comments and encouragement! =)
    Stanley + Monica


  5. […] or thrice) more. But I think it gave me another gift, too: The opportunity to learn a bit more to trust God when things don’t go my way. …And to learn that He is indeed trustworthy and that His timing is best. In addition, I learned […]


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