Right Time Right PlaceHere are interviews with or reflections written by disciples of Jesus who are doing unique things.  (Of course, I realize that we’re all called to follow Jesus in the unique times and places He plants us, so by “unique,” I’m thinking compared to most of 4th Point’s western Canada and US Midwest readers.)

:: Rick Apperson
:: reflections by a worker with the Salvation Army

:: Nicole Baart
:: critically acclaimed author and fellow Iowan

:: Aimee Bootsma
:: teacher with Christian Reformed World Missions in Nicaragua

:: Dan Dykens
:: summer forest firefighter

:: Andrew Eising
:: overseas English teacher

:: Daphne Moser
:: reflections by a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago

:: Jodi Vander Heide
:: worker with Christian Reformed World Missions in Ukraine

:: Nathan VanderKlippe
:: journalist with The Globe and Mail

:: Karen
:: reflections by a phlebotomist

:: Mike
:: summer forest firefighter

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