Here you can read, listen to, or watch a few messages I’ve delivered. Click on the Scripture reference to read or hear the passage at

Genesis 34 :: “Following Jesus and Loving One Another
—–through the Pain of Abuse and Trauma” (returning soon)

Exodus 6:1-9; 20:2; Ephesians 2:1-10
:: “Feeling the Love in God’s Law”

Psalm 13 :: “Honest Thanksgiving”

Psalm 32 :: “From Burdened to Blessed”

Amos 4 :: “Prepare to Meet Your God”

Matthew 2:1-12 :: “What Are They Doing Here?”

John 15:9-17 :: “Divine Friendship” (returning soon)

Acts 9:10-19 :: “Practical Holiness”

Acts 16:6-40 :: “Doors and Windows”

Ephesians 4:29 :: “Every Word Encouraging”

5 thoughts on “Messages

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Stan,

    Here’s comment number 2!
    My first reaction – who cares about three point sermons – it ain’t biblical…go for the 4th point anyway!
    Hope you’re all well there,


  2. SjG says:

    Thanks Christine! =) ‘Hi’ from everyone here.


  3. Paul says:

    Hey Stanley,
    You’re in Telkwa! I too served a church in Northern BC … Fort St John. Great blog … thanks for the comments on mine.

    Hope all is well. Drop me a more detaile update on you and Monica at paul.donison at



  4. Joel Ringma says:

    I read your “Dragon who Hated Christmas” message months ago and I knew that I would structure a sermon on Revelation 12 similarly, when I got to it. I’ve been preaching through Revelation and got to chapter 12 yesterday. You were credited. Thanks.
    Trust that summer is treating you well.


  5. SjG says:

    Thank you, Joel! I’m starting a series on Revelation this fall. At some point I may pick your brain about what you’ve been doing…
    =) S.


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