SjGMy name is Stanley J. Groothof. I’m a husband, dad, friend, and pastor. In connection with that last role, you may know that traditionally sermons often have 3 points. When I research and reflect on Sunday’s messages, often I find more material than can fit in my message for the day. Here is a place for some “fourth points” that, while not showing up in a message, I feel still should see the light of day. That’s not to say I won’t post other reflections or even entire messages here from time to time, though. …And who knows what other interesting stuff!

My family and I are social irl and online:

Here are some of my favourite 4th points:
::Grace and Mercy
::Growing (part 1 & part 2)
::Forgiving and Forgetting
::Nurturing a Sacred Marriage
::Not Just a Kid
::Faith for a Bargain
::Who I Say Jesus Is (part 1 & part 2)
::Conspiracy Theory

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