On the move: Patience

I’ve always said you need to be careful what you pray for: You might just get it!  If you pray for patience, God might send something your way that seriously challenges your present ability to do things in a snailhurry.  Like perpetually put you in slow traffic.  Or delay the packages you’re expecting in the mail.  Or give you two children!

The process of moving to Iowa is beginning to try our patience.  We would love to hear from US Immigration and receive the paperwork to move across the border.  The moving company won’t commit to a moving date without the paperwork in order.  We cannot guarantee arriving in Rock Valley to begin work on a particular date.  Everything would be so much easier if we didn’t have to wait!

Of course, God doesn’t promise to make life easier.  If things always went smoothly, how would we learn to trust Him and His timing?

Having said that, your encouragement and your prayers that we receive the go-ahead soon are greatly appreciated!

Snail picture from Wikipedia.

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