On the move

My bookshelf includes the handy Complete Book of EverydayComplete Book of Everyday Christianity Christianity which connects faith with hundreds of things in everyday life.  At the back is a “Life Experience Index” which cross-references the many entries.  For example, if you look up “Moving” (as in moving from Telkwa to Rock Valley, for example), there’s a list of related topics in the book that might also be of interest.

Some of the topics associated with moving reveal things that are indeed on our hearts and minds as we anticipate making a new home in Rock Valley IA this summer…

We will be saying “farewell” to the people we love at Telkwa CRC.  It will be a time of embraces while also letting go.  We entrust our brothers and sisters in Telkwa to God’s care, as they do us.  We pray that by God’s grace, they will indeed fare well in the future.

God has richly blessed us with friends in each of the places we have lived, and we look forward to deepening friendships in Rock Valley that have already started growing via our visit, emails, letters, phone calls, and Facebook.  The friendships we nurture with one another give us a taste of Jesus’ friendship with us.

One doesn’t grieve only because of death.  Any loss can cause grief, and God cares about all the things that make us sad.  We wonder Hudson Bay Mountain by Jan Pietwhat we will grieve in this move…  Losing the view of Hudson Bay Mountain out our kitchen window?  The familiarity of life in Telkwa?  The closeness of family in Prince George?

How long will it take for our new house to feel like our new home?  In the meals we eat there, in the fellowship we share there, in the security we feel there, in the rest we find there, will we get a bit of a taste of our eternal heavenly home?

I resist referring to my new work at Trinity CRC as a promotion; it’s a new opportunity to serve, but that doesn’t mean it’s “better” than what I’m doing now.  Some Christians see ambition as good, while others caution against it.  What if we make it our ambition to find the places we can best serve others?

Our route to Rock Valley (via Abbotsford to say “farewell” to family there) will cover ~3,800 km/2,400 mi.  We will be seeing lots of God’s beautiful compasscreation!  Despite the vast distances, our trip will actually only be a small piece of the overall grand journey through life following God’s leading and experiencing His presence no matter where we are.

What words do you associate with moving?

Compass graphic found with Google Images.
Photo of Hudson Bay Mountain by Bulkley Valley photographer
John Franken.

2 thoughts on “On the move

  1. Kerry-Ann says:

    Uggg, and NO come first to mind 😉 Best thing I did with our last move was get the book “But Mom, I don’t want to move” by Susan Miller. Very helpful ideas for all ages, including for Mom. Highly recommend it!


  2. Alice E. says:



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