The value of waiting

Having gone through a season of waiting, wondering if we’d ever arrive in Rock Valley, reading about the subject in Mark Buchanan’s book Spiritual Rhythm struck a chord with me. Don’t discount how God works and faith develops even in delays.

Spiritual Rhythm by Mark Buchanan…Waiting builds faith’s backbone. The waiting is necessary to cultivate a faith to die for and live for, a faith that will literally change the world. Waiting is necessary for faith in the same way a chrysalis is necessary for a caterpillar, to change it from a grub that crawls the earth to a butterfly that dances the air. Many of Jesus’ disciples, then as now, would die for their faith. That kind of faith isn’t grown in a week. And, mostly, it’s not grown in warmth and sunshine. Miracles can take it only so far, and after that can actually stunt it. Its hardiest growth, where the roots get deep and tough, happens in darkness. (p. 52)

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