Living on the fire God kindles in me (instead of kindling my own)



Speaking of Sabbath rest, as I did the other day, I reread these lines in Barbara Brown Taylor’s memoire Leaving Church of her experience of intentionally practicing Sabbath…

If you decide to live on the fire that God has kindled inside of you instead of rushing out to find some sticks to rub together, then it does not take long for all sorts of feelings to come out of hiding. You can find yourself crying buckets of un-cried tears over things you thought you had handled years ago. People you have loved and lost can show up with their ghostly lawn chairs, announcing they have nowhere else they have to be all day. While you are talking with them, you may gradually become aware of an aching leg and look down to see a bruise on your thigh that you did not know you had. How many other collisions did you ignore in your rush from here to there?

That first Sunday [I truly practiced Sabbath], I had time to press all kinds of bruises, both real and imagined, but for once I did not crash into anything that made a new one. (p. 140)

I also quoted Leaving Church back in February

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