Losing Jesus

Epiphany starts today. The liturgical season of Christmas is officially over.

In another week or two, our family will take down our Christmas decorations. One of our favorite pieces is our Precious Moments nativity display. Each November we carefully unpack it from a box we have specifically for it and each January we carefully pack it all back in again.

Our Precious Moments nativity set

As you can see from the picture, baby Jesus is the smallest piece of this set. And baby Jesus is the first piece I look for when I open the box and the last piece I double check to ensure was safely put back in. I mean, it would be sad if we lost a sheep or even the shepherd, but it would be nearly tragic if we lost baby Jesus!

I think there’s a bit of irony in the thought of losing Jesus: As He is fully and holy God, I never need worry whether Jesus will become lost or stray from carrying out His redemptive plan for me. He came at Christmas so that I would never be lost!

So each time I put away the nativity, I give thanks that the care I take in not losing baby Jesus is actually infinitesimal compared to the care He took – as well as the pain He endured and the victory He achieved – to ensure I’m never lost.

Gloria in excelsis Deo!

2 thoughts on “Losing Jesus

  1. Monica deRegt says:

    I think it’s a bit poignant to reflect on “not losing Jesus” a few weeks after Christmas. How many of us carry on with our regular lives after Christmas, having put “Jesus” and all the wonder of the Christmas story, in a box until next December? It’s a good reminder that although Jesus can’t get lost, and he can’t lose us, we should continue to seek him and want his presence in our daily lives all year long! Easier said than done some seasons.


  2. Stanley J. Groothof says:

    Thank you, Monica! I very much appreciate the reflections you just added to mine. Blessings to you (and me, too!) as we continue seeking Him this season and this year. ~Stanley

    *Stanley J. Groothof* Worship Pastor at Trinity Christian Reformed Church trinitycrc.com | 4thpoint.wordpress.com


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