I think this past Sunday was the first time I used a TV commercial as a call to confession…

I was not endorsing the Microsoft Windows Phone.  However, this ad is a very clever portrayal of how self-absorbed we can be.

Sunday was CRWRC’s World Hunger Sunday.  Focusing on hunger and injustice in our world helps us see what’s going on beyond the end of our noses (and beyond the texts we’re receiving on our cell phones).  But first we need to choose to be less selfish.  For that to happen most effectively, prayer is required, and that was the second focus of the service.

Lord, forgive us when we ignore one another.  Turn our attention away from ourselves and instead towards the joys and hurts in the world around us.

John Dyer’s blog entry “Windows Phone Reminds You: ‘Be Here Now’” …read the comments, too.

3 thoughts on “Really

  1. Janna says:

    Hi: Bruce Gritter (River Church in E-ton) did a series on “God in the Movies.” I’m glad you’re using today’s language to reach people. Please keep that sermon available for the next time you’re in Smithers, OK? I’d love to hear your words on the subject. God bless, Janna


  2. SjG says:

    Read Matt Schipper’s comments on this ad here:


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