Human beings, not human doings

I feel I regularly need to remind myself that I’m a human being, not a human doing.  So often I get carried away with accomplishing things and performance anxiety, that I forget to rest secure in God’s loving embrace and provision.

This quote really speaks to me about this.  It’s by Elizabeth J. Canham, founder of Stillpoint Ministries and it came to me via the “Leadership Weekly” email on 17 Feb 2009…

…Stop doing and try being.  …Relinquishment lies at the heart of the Christian Gospel and is a countercultural choice that hones our discipleship.  If I let go of the assumption that my hard work will bring me all that I desire, I begin to look at the present moment, receive it with gratitude, and know what it asks of me.  I learn when it is time to rest, time to plan, time to play, time to wait, time to act boldly.

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