Keep it simple

This comes from Jack Stulp from Christian Reformed Home Missions in his monthly letter/update for pastors…

The gospel is not “Believe…
—– – Reformed doctrine
—– – truth
—– – the content of seminary lectures
—– – or even the book, the Bible
———–—–—–—– …and you will be saved.”

The gospel is “Believe on the Lord Jesus,” a Person.

Maybe I should stop right here.

But I’ll ask a few questions to stimulate your thoughts.

:: Do our young people see profession of faith as “Do I have my information in order so I can pass the test?”

:: Do I see preaching as successful if some information is well communicated?  Or, do I pray, work, and aim for a response to a Person?

:: Can’t I build the range of Christian truth on these words, “Believe,” “Lord,” and “Jesus?”

:: Isn’t it so that all my life I deal with Him as He is saving me from sin and leading me to Christlikeness?

:: As I respond to His Word, am I not responding to Him?

Now, I’ll stop.

The Word of God: “Believe on the Lord Jesus,” on Him. That’s right: “Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God.” (Romans 15:17).

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