My adoption

A couple weeks ago the Nelson family spoke at Trinity CRC about the journey Cody & Breanna have been on to adopt Bongani and bring him home to the US from South Africa. Cody & Breanna have a great story and it was touching to hear Bongani pray at the end of their presentation.

Photo of the Nelson family is from their Facebook page

I’ve always resonated with the adoption language found throughout the Bible (examples here, here, and here). I contrast it with having biological children: When Monica and I welcomed our children into our home, we had no choice on gender, ethnicity, eye and hair color, health, temperament, and so on. But if we had adopted children, we may have had some say in those matters.

Knowing that God adopted me means knowing God specifically chose me. What makes that astonishing is that apart from Christ I wasn’t that great of a find! It’s not because I was particularly worthy but because of grace through Jesus that I find myself part of God’s family.

The Nelson’s presentation reminded me again of this prayer in Seeking God’s Face:

Adopting God, thank You for being not only the all-knowing architect of space and history, but also my loving Father. You have made space in Your heart for me, and I am embraced as Your child. I praise You for the wonder that You have chosen me, that I have been brought in from the outside – acceptable, accepted, and loved in Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Philip F. Reinders

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