Joseph 7: “A Gracious Transformation”

“God’s purposes are not always clear, but Joseph knows that God seeks to save.  The twists and turns of his life have given Joseph the perspective to know that what God does is enough to satisfy the heart.”
– Julius T. Medenblik, president, Calvin Theological Seminary

As his story wraps up, I’m inspired by Joseph’s ability to see God’s hand at work even in the worst parts of his life. Instead of hating his brothers, he forgives them and encourages them to see what God is doing through and around them. Actually, Joseph has forgiven hisForgiveness graphic found via Google brothers long ago, but they have a hard time believing it.

This part of Joseph’s story leaves me pondering my attitude toward forgiving others: If someone has wronged me, and I’m waiting for the apology, and I can hardly wait for them to beg and grovel in front of me so I can perhaps attach a list of conditions before I hear them, I’d better rethink how forgiveness works! As I asked in yesterday’s message, can I have a forgiving heart even before someone asks for forgiveness? If I am called to be like Jesus and if I am filled with the Holy Spirit of Jesus, then it’s indeed possible and I’ve got to pray for a heart like that! That kind of heart beats with the same rhythm as God’s heart if you consider how He arranged for my forgiveness long before I ever asked Him. “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us,” the apostle Paul teaches. Having been graced by my forgiving God, I pray for the same grace-filled attitude when before someone approaches me with an apology.

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Here’s the complete Joseph-Lent-Easter series that Pastor Bobby and I led at Trinity CRC:
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:: Joseph 7: “A Gracious Transformation” (above)

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