A different kind of King

At Christmas,
Jesus comes not with great honor,
but in deep humility.

He comes not arriving in a luxurious palace,
but in a manger for cattle.

He comes not to wear a crown of gold,
but one of thorns.

He comes not to be loved,
but to love;
not to be served,
but to serve;
not to grasp and grab,
but to give.

He comes not to be dragged down by sin,
but to be exalted to the highest place,
not to receive honor from one country,
but to hear all creation confess Him as Lord.

He comes not rich in money and wealth,
but rich in grace;
not to spread fear,
but to impart joy and hope;
not to bring war,
but to bring peace.

He rules not from a throne made by mere mortals;
He reigns at His Father’s right hand for now and eternity.

Image of cradle and crown of thorns found via Google

The true King of kings is coming for me and for you.
Do you see Him?
Do you know Him?

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