Moses’ Advent song

Advent candle graphic found via GoogleFor our Advent series this year at Trinity CRC, we’re using a resource from the latest issue of Reformed Worship titled “Enter the Songs.” It’s a series shaped by the four songs found in the Gospel of Luke that surround the Christmas story. We ran into a bit of trouble, though, when we decided that we’d like to look at Simeon’s song the Sunday after Christmas (not the Sunday before as the article in RW has it). Would we start our Advent series a week later? That seemed wrong. Could we find another song from elsewhere in the Bible? Probably…

Natalie (Trinity’s Worship Co-Coordinator) and I settled on Moses’ Song of the Sea together with the song sung by Miriam in Exodus 15. While I suspected I’d be able to connect it with the start of the new church season, I was happily surprised with how well it really did fit with Advent!

Here’s the message I preached yesterday connecting Moses’ song with Advent. Please let me know if you come up with more connections!

One thought on “Moses’ Advent song

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