“At Least Forever”

One more prayer from Frederick Ohler that I really like. It reminds me that despite how much we know, there’s still a lot of mystery to appreciate and even embrace.

Limitless God
we live in a time of transience
disposing people in a throwaway culture.
We produce consume use up cast off
We too
are haunted by
the new absolute of ever-new experience;
we too
fear deep down
that people can be fathomed
that we’ll say, “Is that all there is?”
We confess
that we have treated others and You
like crossword puzzles –
intriguing when blank useless when filled in.
What good is a solved crossword puzzle?

Forgive usWho of us understands a cat?
and help us to see
that nothing is simple.
Who of us understands a cat?
Who of us totally understands
our best friend
our dearest love
our own self
How long would it take to solve
the puzzle of their personalities
the mystery of Your reality?
At least.

Shame on our presumption
forgiveness on our arrogance.
Help us to rediscover a healthy sense of curiosity
an honest humility
an openness to surprise and joy
in the presence of all mysteries
from the amoeba
to You


I also posted one of Frederick Ohler’s prayers the other day.
Graphic found via Google.

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