The personal, healing touch of Jesus

_Wild at Heart_ by John EldredgeThere’s indeed something very personal about the way Jesus works in each of us and brings us healing, as John Eldredge explains in Wild at Heart

If you wanted to learn how to heal the blind and you thought that following Christ around and watching how He did it would make things clear, you’d wind up pretty frustrated.  He never does it the same way twice.  He spits on one guy; for another, He spits on the ground and makes mud, and puts that on his eyes.  To a third He simply speaks, a fourth He touches, and a fifth He kicks out a demon.  There are no formulas with God.  The way in which God heals our wound is a deeply personal process.  He is a Person and He insists on working personally.  For some, it comes in a moment of divine touch.  For others, it takes place over time and through the help of … others.  (p. 127)

What healing is God offering personally to me today?  And personally for you?

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