Belief and action

Many faith organizations craft a statement of beliefs, outlining the underlying principles of their work.  The people at RBC Ministries (the good folks who produce the “Our Daily Bread” devotions) take this a step further and have written a document that lists their beliefs followed by how they desire for those beliefs to impact their work.  I appreciate how they directly link what goes on in their heads and hearts with what they seek to do with their voices and hands.  Their faith has definable, observable implications.  I find that as I reread it, this could be my “statement of beliefs and actions,” too…

Because we believe the Bible is a reliable revelation of God,
—– we want our lives to reflect what the Scriptures teach us
—– about who our Creator is, what He values,
—– and what He wants to do in and through us.

Because we believe in the tri-unity of God,
—– we want our relationships to reflect
—– the unity of purpose and loving cooperation
—– by which the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
—– care for one another.

Because we believe Jesus Christ is our Saviour,
Teacher, and Lord,
—– we want the attitudes He shows
—– towards His friends and enemies
—– to be our attitudes as well.

Because we believe Jesus died in our place
and rose from the dead to live His life through anyone
who will trust Him,
—– we want to spend the rest of our lives
—– letting others see that what He has done for us,
—– He can do for them as well.

Because we believe Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to be with us
and in us,
—– we want to live with a courage and confidence
—– that is not in ourselves but in Him.

Because we believe in one church, of which Jesus Christ
is the Head,
—– we want to identify with, and show our love for,
—– the family of God that crosses all lines
—– of age, race, gender, and class distinction.

Because we believe Christ makes His people ambassadors
to all nations,
—– we want to participate in a mission
—– that rises above and reaches beyond
—– all national, ethnic, and religious boundaries.

Because we believe each of us will give account of ourselves
to God,
—– we want to be so aware of our own sins that, 
—– when it becomes necessary
—– to give attention to the wrongs of others,
—– we will do so with care rather than conceit
—– and with conviction rather than condemnation.

Because we believe we are stewards of God’s creation,
—– we want to be faithful caretakers
—– of the spiritual, material, and natural resources
—– that have been entrusted to us, 
—– for the good of our neighbour
—– and for the honour of our God.

Because we believe in the promised return of Christ,
—– we want to live every day of our lives in a way
—– that reflects hope rather than despair,
—– love rather than hate,
—– and gratefulness rather than greed.

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