Close encounter with a grizzly bear

This was the experience of Val Ellis from our Telkwa church family. She wrote this a few weeks ago and gave me permission to post it here. Thanks, Val!

grizzly bearI had my first close encounter with a grizzly bear a few Sundays ago. My husband was looking out the window and called me out of bed. I was a little bleary-eyed but stumbled over to the window in the kitchen. There in front of us, not more than 100 feet away, was a young – maybe 2 year old – grizzly across the driveway from us. He (or she) was oblivious to us staring at him and was casually sitting in the field scratching himself, sniffing the air, and wandering about like he every bit belonged there. The grizzly markings were all there: Humped shoulders, brownish gray colour, with silver tips. No mistake that it was any other kind of bear. It stayed in the yard for about 20 minutes before a car came along the roadway and scared it off.

I can tell you I was so excited! It makes me marvel at God’s creation all around us. Yes, we live in an area that is ruggedly beautiful and we share our space with some of nature’s most wonderful creatures. God provides us with His handiwork everyday if we just stop, take a moment, and notice what He has done. We are indeed blessed with His beauty and majesty all around.

Thank you, Lord, for such an awesome peek of Your creativity.

The grizzly bear photo comes from National Geographic.

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