BLESS the neighbours

I’d love for our church to make a bigger impact in our neighbourhood.  I think we’re already making a difference, but I keep on dreaming of ways we can make Don't Invite Them to Church, by Karen Wilkeven more of a difference.

Karen Wilk’s new book Don’t Invite Them to Church: Moving From a Come and See to a Go and Be Church has been equipping me to reach out to my Telkwa neighbourhood.  I appreciate her emphasis on prayer.  She describes how on multiple occasions praying resulted in making meaningful connections with neighbours, and this encourages me to pray!

And in case I’m not sure what or how to pray for my neighbours, Karen Wilk has a suggestion for that, too.  After identifying five households in my neighbourhood to pray for every day, she suggests that I ask God to B-L-E-S-S them:

Pray for their…
Body (health, strength, protection)
Labour (work, income, security, school)
Emotional state (joy, peace, hope, contentment,
fulfillment, self-esteem)
Social life (relationships, love, marriage, family, friends)
Spiritual needs (grace, openness, hunger for God, faith)

She also offers this prayer I can use as a template for mine:

Lord, be Lord of this neighbourhood.  Show Yourself in ways that are far greater than we could ever ask or imagine.  Help us to see You in everyone we meet and experience You in our midst, so that at the name of  Jesus every knee should bow, and every tongue confess in our neighbourhood, that You, Jesus, are Lord – the glory of God the Father.  Amen.
—————————————————————————— (page 33)

What will happen if I pray this way every day?  What will happen if you join me?

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