Beatitudes and anti-beatitudes


I was rereading Jesus’ beatitudes the other day as well as looking what others have written about them.  In his commentary on Matthew’s Gospel, Michael J. Wilkins has this chart that contrasts the blessings Jesus gives against the counter-values of our culture.  Repenting of when I blindly pursue the attitudes on the left and celebrating the Spirit’s work of producing the virtues on the right, this little chart certainly got my attention…

Our culture values… Jesus blesses…
self-confidence, self-reliance the poor in spirit
pleasure-seeking, hedonism,
“the beautiful people”
those who mourn
pride, power, importance the meek
satisfaction in stuff, practicality,
being “well adjusted”
those who hunger and thirst
for righteousness
self-righteousness, looking out
for myself
the merciful
“adult” content, broadmindedness the pure in heart
competitiveness, aggression the peacemakers
adaptability, popularity those who are persecuted
because of righteousness

From Michael J. Wilkins, Matthew (NIVAC; Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2004), p. 220. Wilkins first found this in L.O. Richards, The Teacher’s Commentary (Wheaton, IL: Victor, 1987), p. 541.
Word art from Blogthechurch.

2 thoughts on “Beatitudes and anti-beatitudes

  1. Stark difference isn’t it?

    A good challenge to us as believers to imitate Christ and not the world!


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