Well done

Dwight L. Moody was once speaking about Jesus’ parable where several servants are entrusted to their master’s wealth.  As Moody ended his address, he said with all the energy in him:

I am glad the Lord did not say to anyone, “Well done, good and successful servant,” but “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

These are among the last of Jesus’ words before His arrest and crucifixion.  As He is about to do something remarkable, something never conceived of before in the history of the world, He does not instruct us to try achieving similar remarkable feats.  Instead, Jesus promises to see our fidelity, our ongoing, perhaps sometimes even plodding or hesitant commitment to Him.

I don’t feel all that successful according to many of the standards that are in my face.  But this gives me hope.  There are other measures of success.

One thought on “Well done

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