Milepost Apparently my last post was my 100th.  I started blogging at the beginning of January 2009, which means I blog on average just over once a week.  Once a week was my original goal.  Occasionally I feel I “have to” post something for all my fans (Hi, Mom!), but the vast majority of the time it’s a meaningful way for me to share things I’ve just discovered and to express things that I’m mulling over in my mind.

I wonder…  Where was I a hundred posts ago?  Who was I a hundred posts ago?  Perhaps better questions are: Where will I be and how will I have grown and in what ways will God have worked in my life a hundred posts from now?  Do you ever ask yourself questions like that?

Time flies.  As the late Rich Mullins once sang, “To say the time is short just means the time is now.”  As we try to make every moment count, I try to make every blog post count.

The number 100 quickly reminds me of Five for Fighting’s song “100 Years,” a song that’s often caught me pondering the passage of time and numbering my days aright.

A couple tweaks to the site:  At the top of the page, interviews I’ve done are listed by clicking “RTRP.”  At the bottom of the page, you can sign up to receive notices via email or RSS feed when I post something new.

2 thoughts on “100

  1. Congratulations brother. I always enjoy reading your insightful posts and have found them to be an encouragement and a blessing as are you.


  2. SjG says:

    Thanks, Rick!
    =) S.


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