Praying for Haiti

Yesterday evening, the Telkwa CRC deacons arranged an hour of praying for earthquake-ravaged Haiti – for the country, the land, the people, the leaders in government, the aid workers.  There were a couple spoken prayers and some photos were shown, but mostly it was a time of silent prayer while local pianist Serge Mazerand provided meditative background music.  It was time well spent, propelling us forwards in ongoing prayer for all affected by this tragedy.


Here is one of the prayers I found especially meaningful…

O Lord,
   open our eyes,
        that we may see the needs of others.
   Open our ears,
        that we may hear their cries.
   Open our hearts,
        that they need not be without help.
Let us not be afraid to defend the weak
   because of the anger of the strong,
nor afraid to defend the poor
   because of the anger of the rich.
Show us where love and hope are needed,
   and use us to bring them to those places.
Open our eyes and ears,
   that this day we may
   do some work of peace for You. 

CRWRC is working in Haiti providing quake survivors with access to clean drinking water, medical services, shelter, and basic necessities to meet immediate needs while laying the groundwork for walking alongside Haitians as they rebuild their infrastructure and their lives in the months to come.  Canadians donations to Haiti earthquake relief will be matched by the Canadian government 1:1 until 12 Feb.  Please consider contributing financially to their work.

Photo credit: Paul Jeffrey, ACT International.  ABC News has some astounding before-and-after photos showing the devastation of the earthquake here.

Prayer credit: Reprinted from The Worship Sourcebook, 4.5.3. 

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