Sword fighting

Telkwa CRC has launched “The Truth Project,” a 13-week comprehensive Biblical worldview study.  It asks us if we really believe that what we believe is really real, and then challenges us to compare how we think, speak and live against the truth of Scripture.

A day or two before the first session, I read another insightful piece in Kevin Harney’s book Seismic Shifts: The Little Changes that Make a Big Difference in Your Life that connects with knowing and living God’s Word in everyday life.  If we stop wielding “the sword of the Spirit,” we give Satan way too much room to fill our minds with his destructive lies.Eph 6 - Graphic - Sword

When we read the Bible regularly and feast on the truth of God’s Word, we are training for the battles that lie ahead.  Owning a sword does not make a person a warrior.  Having ten swords around the house does not make someone more powerful.  Only practice will prepare us for battle.  Reading, studying, and knowing God’s Word prepares us to stand strong against spiritual attacks.  Too many people today have a stack of Bibles around the house but no idea how to use them.  It is time to train to fight the “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  We don’t have what it takes to win this battle in our own strength, but when we are armed with the Word of God and are trained to use it, we are ready to fight.  (p. 79)

I quoted something about prayer from Seismic Shifts the other day
:: Swords picture comes from here.

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