Skipping worship as soul emaciation

Is corporate worship (that is, worshipping together as a community of disciples) optional or a requirement for walking with Jesus?  Can’t we follow Jesus on our own, separating ourselves from the politics and hypocrisy regularly found in every single congregation?  Can’t we be salt and light in our world by frequently attending/participating in good events happening on Sundays?

Or is there something about receiving the sacraments, meeting together with other Jesus followers, hearing God’s Word proclaimed, and responding to the call to worship that is critical to our spiritual wellbeing?

Over in his new blog entitled “The Glad Sound,” Pastor Zac Hicks – Minister of Worship & Liturgy, Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church, Denver CO – speaks with loud words on the subject…

In Colorado, Yahweh wars with the gods of nature for the attention of the hearts of sinners and saints:  Skiing in the winter, hiking and camping in the summer.  There’s always a reason to “skip church.”  But worship is where we receive the real spiritual nourishment of the sacraments.  Worship is where we receive the genuine encouragement from being in fellowship with God’s people.  Worship is where we receive the faithful preaching of the Word.  Worship is where we are summoned by God to be on Sunday mornings…  We don’t question the need for physical nourishment.  Unless we’re fasting or just have out-of-the-ordinary eating habits, we regularly nourish our bodies three times a day with food.  God forbid that we [North] Americans forget to eat!  So what about our spiritual nourishment?  If duty is not enough to get us there, maybe our skin-and-bones starving soul will eventually cry out for some self-care.

15 May 2009 blog entry of “The Glad Sound”

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