Protection and direction

“See,” says the LORD God to Moses and the Israelites at the start of the Exodus to the Promised Land, “I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.”  At the beginning and throughout the journey, God provides protection and direction.

God continues to provide His people with these things today.  However, like the Israelites, I often desire only the protection part and not so much the direction!  I am eager for safety from harm and danger, but I show hesitation when I feel called or led somewhere I’m not all that thrilled about going.  In short, I want the blessings but not the duties, the rights but not the responsibilities.

This is not a new problem.  Quite happy with God’s protection, the Israelites repeatedly sinned against Him even long before they reached the Promised Land.  But God never gave up on them, calling them His people throughout the journey and beyond.  God doesn’t give up on me or any of His people today either, even when we wander off course.  But with the help of the Holy Spirit, let us keep responding to His invitation, “Return to me.”

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