Theologically simple, spiritually profound

My friend and colleague Rick Apperson (who recently moved from the city of Smithers to the suburbs of Telkwa!) posted some reflections on his blog based, in part, on something that my 3-year-old daughter Hannah said.  How cool is that!  His reflections are here; what follows is an excerpt…

I think we should endeavor to go deeper with God on a regular basis.  However I think that we, the church, put people off by our secret language, our members only mentality and our complication of the things of God…

It is why I love kids.  Kids have a child-like faith that is incredible.  They just believe.  Tell them God moves mountains…OK.  He raises the dead…OK.  They believe!  They don’t take the cynical, justifying faith approach we have as adults…

One thought on “Theologically simple, spiritually profound

  1. Great Lunch and great interview. Give that child a chair and take her on the road.


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