Joseph 7: “A Gracious Transformation”

Here we are at the end of my series of messages on Joseph.  Here is the manuscript based on Genesis 49:29-50:26, as well as some final discussion questions…

Do other people see you as a person who acts with grace, similar to Joseph and his interactions with his brothers?  Think of an occasion you feel you reflected the grace of Jesus.  Think of an occasion when you did not reflect the grace of Jesus.  What can you do to become a more grace-full person?

Can you have a forgiving heart even before someone asks for forgiveness?  (This question also came up in Part 4.)

What does Hebrews 11:22 particularly note Joseph for being faithful for?  This was not talked about in today’s message (I’ll save that for another day!).  Why is the writer of Hebrews is so interested in this?

Joseph came to see his life as a small part of God’s working in human history.  Are you able to do the same in your own life?  What might God be accomplishing through you?  (This question comes from The Genesis Message by Harvey Smit, p 87.)

If you have comments on these questions or on any of the messages about Joseph, I’ll happily receive and respond to them!

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