Joseph 6: “My Son Was Dead and Is Alive Again!”

“God’s purposes are not always clear, but Joseph knows that God seeks to save.  The twists and turns of his life have given Joseph the perspective to know that what God does is enough to satisfy the heart.”
– Julius T. Medenblik, CRC church planter and writer

On this Easter Sunday, we have arrived at the climax of the story of Joseph.  We are also at the climax of the larger story of salvation, where God transforms death into life.  Here is the message based on Genesis 45-46 together with numerous Gospel passages.

I leave you with these thoughts to consider…

What difference does Jesus’ resurrection make in your life?

Read again the quote above and then Romans 8:18-39 (especially verse 28).  How do you see God working His purposes out in you?  Where are you confused about God’s purposes in your life?  Where/to whom can you turn to further explore these questions?

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