Awesome creation

Monica and I had a fine discussion yesterday evening with a couple people about issues surrounding creation and evolution.  We used the article in The Bannerby Deborah & Loren Haarsma entitled “Speaking of Evolution…” as a launchpad wondering whether a high school or college student needs to choose between being a Christian and being a scientist as though s/he cannot choose both.

Thankfully we have thinkers and documents (ancient and contemporary) such as Guido de Brès and the Belgic Confession he helped write to give insight to our conversation.  God has revealed Himself to us in two ways —

“First, by the creation, preservation, and government of the universe, since that universe is before our eyes like a beautiful book…  Second, He makes Himself known to us more openly by His holy and divine Word, as much as we need in this life, for His glory and for the salvation of His own” (Belgic Confession, article 2).

Creation and God’s Word are not in opposition.  They both enable us to know God.  Read Psalm 19 if you need further convincing.  Disciples of Jesus, you can be, you should become scientists!

People like Louis Giglio help me worship God when I learn something from a scientist.  I prefer worship over heated, angry arguments between Christians over matters such as evolution.  The first clip here explores outer space, the second explores one’s inner body; both clips lead me to praise our Creator God for His awesome creation (which — by sheer grace — includes me!).

Back to yesterday’s conversation about creation and evolution…  As Christians, we can agree on Who created the universe and Who redeems the universe.  From the article in The Banner:

“By recognizing these areas of agreement, Christians with different views on evolution can maintain a charitable attitude towards each other and need not break our unity as believers.  We can work side by side to advance God’s Kingdom.”

Another helpful Banner article, this one by Sigmund Brouwer, differentiating between evolution and evolutionism.

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