Praying for God’s project for the whole human race

As 1 Timothy 2 starts, Paul says we should pray for people in authority.  Paul mentions kings in particular, but we are more familiar with mayors (Carman Graf), premiers (Gordon Campbell), and prime ministers (Stephen Harper).

Speaking on this passage, I quoted a sentence from N.T. (Tom) Wright‘s book Paul for Everyone: The Pastoral Letters (London: SPCK, 2003).  Here’s the entire paragraph…

“As so often in the New Testament, the call to prayer is also the call to think:  To think clearly about God and the world, and God’s project for the whole human race.  Don’t rest content with the simplistic agendas of the world that suggest you should either idolize your present political system or be working to overthrow it.  Try praying for your rulers instead, and watch not only what God will do in your society, but also how your own attitudes will grow, change, and mature” (p. 21).

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